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Over two dozen states throughout the US are already actively reimbursing doulas or are in the process of initiating reimbursement of doula services through Medicaid and/or private insurance. Making doula services eligible for Medicaid and insurance reimbursement at a sustainable rate will assist a larger percentage of the perinatal population in Maine to have access to doula care, while also ensuring that doulas are able to receive adequate financial compensation for their work.


In early 2024, the Maine Doula Coalition partnered with the Maine Women's Lobby with plans to introduce a bill to expand doula access in Maine. We are currently convening a steering committee and working to understand how best to create policy for reimbursement of doula services that both benefits the public and creates a strong and sustainable doula workforce in Maine. We plan to introduce a bill to the first session of the 132nd legislature. In addition to the Maine Women's Lobby and MDC leadership Sarah Tewhey and Meg Whithed, doula Cait Vaughan and OB/GYN Anne Marie van Hengel are actively involved with doula policy for MDC.

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