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When primary prenatal providers, nurses and doulas work together the result is patients/clients who feel well supported, are well informed about their care and have incredible birth experiences - even when things don’t go according to plan. A clear understanding of each member of the birth team's unique roles and strong interprofessional communication can help doulas and hospital based providers work together to improve both outcomes and experiences for birthing people.

Maine Doula Coalition is currently initiating a program to better integrate doulas at their local hospitals by providing both doulas and hospital liasons with toolkits to help facilitate communication, integration and education. The program has plans to be piloted at three large hospitals in the state and hopes to expand statewide to create small teams of providers, nurses and doulas for each hospital in the state who are focused on better integrating doulas into hospital based care.  In addition to the involvement of MDC leadership Sarah Tewhey and Meg Whithed, doula Nina Emlen and doula/nurse Jessica Sobey are currently involved with this evolving project.

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