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Brief History

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For the past two years, the MDC represents many hours of unpaid labor by many dedicated people in Maine.  We liaise between all pertinent parties involved including members of the steering committee, project partners, legislators, and other stakeholders. The chair or co-chairs of the Maine Doula Coalition needs to balance timely decision making and advancing shared goals while being cognizant of timelines and deadlines. The (co) chair works as a representative to liaise with outside parties and advance the mission of the Maine Doula Coalition. 

For details on members who work in PROJECTS, search the individual project description. 

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Brief History

The Maine Doula Coalition Steering Committee was initiated in 2022 by Restore the Floor with the intention of helping Maine to join the ranks of over 22 other states working to expand doula access.  The initial coalition composed of doulas, healthcare providers and representatives from local nonprofits and community outreach organizations sought to identify individuals and groups whose missions intersect with MDC to improve perinatal health outcomes in Maine.  


Restore the Floor is an advocacy group focused on connecting communities, developing educational opportunities, and advancing Maine’s perinatal legislative progress. 



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In December 2022, Restore the Floor began discussions

and general informational gathering to gain a deeper understanding of how to move this important, vital cause forward - greater access to doula care. 


January 2023, Meg begins consensus gathering and relationship mapping meeting with interested parties.

The intention to provide a forum and structure to move this large undertaking forward and organize a collaborative coalition. To spearhead the MDSC and move the efforts

in a clear direction that is impactful, efficient, diverse, inclusive, and fully heard. 

March 2023, the MDSC begins to meeting regularly focussing on creating mission statement, funding, outreach, and community building.

July 2023, Sarah Tewhey joins as Interim Cochair of the MDSC alongside Meg Whithed.

April 2024, Sarah Tewhey became the Chair of the MDC, Meg Whithed shifted focus to Business Operations for the MDC. 

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