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Are you a 
in Maine?

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We are actively seeking to connect with people who identify as doulas in the State of Maine.


There are many ways to be a doula and we are interested in all approaches.

Here are some ways to be more involved, check back for new opportunities coming soon.

Take the Doula Survey.

Join a Advisory Working Group

Sign up for our newsletter.

Help us cast a wide net.



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The Steering Committee (MDC) for the Maine Doula Coalition is working to expand access to doula services by reducing financial, logistic and cultural barriers for Maine families. MDC recognizes the vital impact of doulas in improving Maine’s perinatal health outcomes and seeks to foster a strong doula workforce through community building, legislation and public health outreach.  


The survey is intended to gather information about doulas throughout the state--who and where we are, who we serve, how we came to do this work, and how we think about and describe the care we provide. No identifying information about respondents and their work will be shared.


For the purposes of this survey, MDC uses the term "doula" to refer to a person in a non-medical role who provides emotional, physical, educational, practical and advocacy support to individuals throughout pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period.


The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete.


Send questions about this survey and/or the work of MDSC to

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