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The Maine Doula Coalition works to expand access to doula services by reducing financial, logistic and cultural barriers to pregnant people in Maine. MDC recognizes the vital impact of doulas in improving both the experience of pregnant people and Maine’s perinatal health outcomes. We seek to foster a strong, culturally competent doula workforce through community building, education, legislation and public health outreach.

Coalition Core Functions

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Community Building

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Access to Care

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Making Doula Care
Accessible to Everyone

The concerns and needs of all pregnant and birthing people are valid and deserving of care and support.

All pregnant and birthing people regardless of socio economic, cultural, religious and gender identity deserve access to resources and equitable perinatal care without fear of discrimination, penalty, or deportation. 

All pregnant and birthing people deserve access to birth support people who can incorporate traditional practices specific to their cultural or religious identity in addition to their primary perinatal medical/clinical care.

Doulas are a skilled and valuable work force in the state of Maine who deserve to be paid fairly and equitably for the important services they provide to pregnant people in Maine.

Making doula services eligible for Medicaid and insurance reimbursement will assist a larger percentage of pregnant and birthing people in Maine have access to doula care, while also ensuring that doulas are able to receive adequate financial compensation for their work.

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